About me

I was born 1963 in Bruges, Belgium. I always wanted to join the armed forces and in 1980 entered the Belgian Army as a private, to finally become a non-commissioned officer. I currently work at the Public Affairs unit of the Belgian Army. From October 2010 until May 2011, I served in Afghanistan at RC North in Mazar-e-Sharif.

My main passion is history, especially related to WW2. Since 1993, I have conducted historical research regarding an underground aircraft factory near Kahla, East Germany  (see also the link “Walpersberg” to discover more on the “REIMAHG”) and have written already several articles, as well as published a pictorial history about this theme and scientific publications. Recently, my archive was used as an important element to the new international exhibition about “Forced Labour”, which was inaugurated at the end of September 2011 in Berlin.

Although I am not an airborne soldier, I did have the honor to meet many of these great soldiers.  One unit is very close to me… the 551st Parachute Infantry Bn and its veterans like Joe Cicchinelli.  Joe asked me to write his story, documented with many of his personal photographs and it turned out to be a great book.  The story of this unit is so unknown…

My heart lies with the veterans and survivors of that period and as such I am very strongly involved in events and commemorations which honor the men and women of the “Greatest Generation”, who liberated the people in Europe from tyranny. I continue to work with and for them, recently during the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes.

Therefore, sharing my combined passion for history and photography is something I want to pass on to the visitors of this website, especially to the younger generations.

I have also recently become a member of the International Combat Camera Association inc., something I am very proud of.

This August 2013, Getty Images approached me to become a Getty Images Contributor, something of which I am quite proud to be a member of.


Of course, it speaks for itself that I support the veterans and the troops all over the world, defending our Freedom!