Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist IThe Kodak Medalist was an unusual design for a medium format camera when it was introduced in 1941.
A Heavy and awkward rangefinder camera, known as “the professional’s heavy tank’.


A Kodak Super-Matic shutter to 1/400th.  F3.5 100m lens. Unusually for pre-war cameras, the lens was coated.

The Medalist was offered with a fair number of accessories.
The most unusual feature–the back design–allowed use of roll film, sheet film packs and cut sheet holders.
The back can be opened from either side or removed completely.
An auxiliary ground glass back can be fitted to allow critical focusing and, when this is in place, 6×9 film packs or 6×9 sheet film holders can be used. 620mm film 8 exposures.

The British Army’s AFPU manual stated that this camera ‘should only be handled by an experienced photographer’.
It was mainly used for used for color and infra-red photography from 1944 onwards.

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