Algoet, Gérard Raphaël

Born 23 September 1902 in Heestert, Belgium.

In the 1930’s, he worked ten years as a photographer for the catholic mission in India.

He rejoins Europe in 1942, when the Belgian embassy in Great-Britain mobilizes him to the Belgian Brigade Piron. September 1944, he covers the Belgian Brigade Piron entering Brussels.

Algoet in Germany

After the Battle of the Bulge and the collapse of the Third Reich, he and a Paul Lévy, a Belgian war correspondent, now working for the Belgian government, toured Germany.  They visited various concentration camps, like Buchenwald (April 16, 1945), Mittelbau-Dora and Dachau, where he made took a series of photos of General Linden’s party (42nd Infantry Division), as well as in Berchtesgaden and Berlin.

Buchenwald 1945


Military ID Algoet

After the war he was a teacher at the Higher Belgian Film institute in Brussels.

Algoet after the war

He passed away on May 9, 1989 in Oppem, near Brussels.

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