Landry, Robert ‘Bob’

Bob Landry was born in 1913 in Pennsylvania.

Robert Bob Landry


At the time, Bob Landry was one of the few news photographers near Pearl Harbor — and his photos were some of the first to show the aftermath in magazines like Life andTime. But of course, not every photograph from a shoot makes it into the magazine, and plenty of worthy images end up on the cutting room floor.

wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona in 1942

That, and many of the images were censored by the government. Some of Landry’s photos were not published until months after they were taken.

Six sailors

He was on a cruiser in the Pacific when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and from then on he was in one important place after another during that long war.

He was in Egypt to shoot the desert war; later he went in with the first wave at D-Day but all of his film was lost. Later he would also be in liberated Paris.

A very iconic photo after D-Day was the one he made from an 82nd Airborne soldier, the G.I. On The Cover of Life Magazine, August 14th 1944, Lt Kelso Horne.

Portrait of Lt. Kelso C Horne of the 2nd Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne, taken near St. Sauveur-le-Vicomte in Normandy.

He died in 1960.

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